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Hold off deploying HTML5 in Websites

Oct 2010
HTML5 is becoming a big thing. HTML is the specification used to display Web content, and HTML5, the latest revision, brings a host of new features that provide greater interactivity and multimedia capabilities. While Web developers need to keep up with the latest innovations, HTML5 is still under development and things may very well undergo alteration before the end product is finalised. As modern browsers have already implemented certain parts of the specification, many Web developers are already producing sites written in HTML5; however, having an HTML5 enabled site at this stage could prove to be a problem for your business when the HTML5 specification has been completed. An official from W3C (the Wide Web Consortium) has called for caution in the use of HTML5 on the "open Web". There are ongoing interoperability issues related to video playback, and changes are yet to be made to some of the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This means that methods used to apply certain features are liable to change, leaving Websites that have already been created in a non-working condition. At this point in time it is recommended that you either do not use HTML5 for the construction of your Website or ensure that, should your HTML5 Website cease to work as designed, the company building your site will fix it immediately, free of charge. More information can be found at InfoWorld.

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